For more information on Smart Forms, please see the Smart Forms Knowledge Base: Axsy Smart Forms 

Create a New Task


1. Create a new Action Plan Template and then add a new Task for your your Smart Form(s). For more information on how to create an Action Plan Template for a Visit, please see this article: Create an Action Plan Template for a Visit

2. Find the Smart Form ID in the Salesforce Web View by selecting the Smart Form and then copying the ID that sits between axsy_forms__Form__C and /view

3. Fill in the mandatory fields and in the Comments field enter AXSY_FORM_LIST=smartformid

Associate Multiple Smart Forms with a Single Task

To enable multiple Smart Forms to be accessed in a single Task, simply separate each Smart Form reference with a comma. 

To reference two Smart Forms for a Task, the Comments field value would look something like AXSY_FORM_LIST= a1O1x000003qElfEAE, AXSY_FORM_LIST= a1O1x000003qEjKEAU .