A Dynamic Assessment can be completed by a user when it is delivered via an Omni Assessment Task as part of a Visit that has been synced to their mobile device.

Selecting a Visit

  1. When you first log in, you will be directed to the current day where a list of Visits will be listed on the screen. This means you are currently in the Visits section of the main menu.

  2. Tap a Visit to view its Tasks, Overview, Details, Related records and a summary of the Visit instructions. In the tasks tab, Inspector can access and complete their Dynamic Assessments via clicking on the task associated to the Omni Assessment task containing the Dynamic Assessment.

Dynamic Assessment Form Summary

Following the completion of a Dynamic Assessment, Axsy Public Sector mobile app enables the Inspector to review and revise Assessment responses before submitting. Additionally, Inspectors can also share/save their Assessment Responses. 

  1. Once a Dynamic Assessment has been filled out, select Show Summary

  2. Select an arrow to go back to a particular element in a section and make changes, or, select the exit button to continue with submitting the form.

  3. Upon final review of your responses, click on the Submit button.

Share or Print Dynamic Assessment Form Summary

  1. Select Share Summary to share the Form Response – e.g. with other device apps, as an email, to print, to save to your device, etc. – before submitting it to Salesforce.

  2. The summary is converted into a PDF file following the format: YYYYMMDDHHMMSS-FormName_'summary'

Switching Between Old and New Dynamic Assessment UI

The Axsy Public Sector mobile app supports a new UI for Dynamic Assessments. 

To enable the latest Dynamic Assessment UI:

  1.  Navigate to the main menu:

  2. Select the cog to access Settings:

  3. In Advanced Settings, enable the toggle for Dynamic Assessment UI:

  4. Navigate to any Dynamic Assessment to view the newly-enabled UI: